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September 2020 Newsletter

CVSA’s International Roadcheck Rescheduled for September 9-11

CVSA has officially rescheduled roadcheck! Like most 2020 events, the previously scheduled May 5-7 dates were cancelled due to COVID 19. This year’s focus is on the driver requirements. As always, make sure all of your paperwork is current, you have a copy of your physical, paper log book, ELD instruction sheet, and are able to email your logs to an officer. Be on the lookout for a video from Safety that will show you how to send your logs. We understand it is hard to remember how to do something that isn’t done every day.

During your pre/post trips, make sure your truck and trailer are level 1 ready! And here is the best part of the CVSA Roadcheck week, double bonus!!! During these three days, any inspection with “no violations discovered” will receive the double bonus on the next pay.


Driver Appreciation Week Sept. 13-19

As we approach driver appreciation week, we along with the rest of the nation take a moment to thank the back bone of our economy- our truck drivers! General Transport is celebrating our 35th year of business and it would not be possible without our dedicated drivers.
This year more than ever, we were reminded how crucial our drivers are to the nation. As a global pandemic shut down most of the world, the truck drivers were still out there to ensure our most basic needs continue to be met.

Thank you all for everything you for General Transport and for us individually. Make sure you see safety to get your new jackets!

Spot Light Driver- Tommy Dewey

Tommy has been an owner operator with General Transport since March 2013 and has driven 1,142,889 miles. Tommy can often be found tinkering on his truck, cooking up a meal, or walking with his dog Jasmine. When Tommy isn’t hard at work, he can be found fishing with his daughters, or enjoying time with family. We are proud to have you part of the GT Family

General Transport Inc.
General Transport Inc.
• Steve C.- Truck 2380
• Dave H.- Truck 550

Welcome to the general transport family...

New Hours of Service

On September 29, 2020 the FMCSA hours of service will change. The new rulesets will automatically update on your ELD.

The changes that will take effect are below:
• Expands the short-haul exemption to 150 air-miles and allows the driver to be on duty for 14 hours as a part of the exemption, as opposed to the 12 hours on duty/shift that was previously allowed.
• Expands the adverse driving conditions window by an additional 2 hours.
• Allow 30-minute break to be recorded as off duty or on duty
• The 8-hour break will be measured by driving time instead of on duty and driving previously.
• In addition to the 10-hour break, and the 8 and 2 hour split, drivers will be able to split their break into 7 and 3 hour increments.
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to safety.

General Transport Inc.
General Transport Inc.
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