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October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter

Staged Accidents Increasing

Just like you get up every day and put in a hard days work, scammers and criminals think of new ways to take advantage of you. The ongoing crime ring of staged accidents in Lousiana brings another risk for drivers to light. The ongoing court case has mulitple charges pending against those individuals who staged the accident, filed claims, lawyers, and possibly doctors involved in stealing from drivers, carriers, and insurance companies. They often have the lawyers lined up before an “accident” even occurs.

-Slamming on the Brakes– Considered the most common way to create impact with a big rig, fraudsters maneuver ahead of a heavy-duty vehicle and abruptly hit the brakes. By taking away that space cushion, truck drivers are placed in a vulnerable situation. The vehicle often slams on the brakes for no reason but will tell officers it was due to slowing traffic, congestions, or other impediments and it becomes a ‘he said she said’ that often results in the semi driver being listed at fault.

-Exploiting the Blind Spot– Scammers are well aware of your blind spots and will take full advantage of them. They will speed up while a driver is making a right hand turn and be crashed into. They will also leverage a blind spot by pretending to have your back. Often times they will wave you over and then speed up so the car’s nose in struck by the rear of the trailer while making the lane change

-Intersection Set Up– When a driver legally enters the intersection, the scammer will run the light and get in front of them or strike them in the intersection. Often times a friend of the scammer will pop up collaborating the scammers story.

Unfortuantly, we are all left to fight this battle. It is important to stay vigilant and pay attention to the vehicles around you to prevent being in this situation. Having a dash camera can be a life saver if you are caught in a situation like this. Also make sure to follow safety’s protocol for a post accident to collect as much evidence as possible to plead the truth of the accident.

Spotlight Driver: Kevin Senter

Kevin has been an owner operator for General Transport since October 2019. In that time, he has driven 321,249 miles safely. Kevin always seems to be in a good mood, even after a terrible string of breakdowns he still had a smile. The office can usually tell when Kevin is around as he brings in gifts or doughnuts for the staff. When Kevin isn’t out behind the wheel, he enjoys spending time with his wife (who is just as kind as Kevin). We are proud to have you as part of the GT Family!


Donald M.- Truck 555

· Antonio C.- truck 2394

· Devon M.- Truck 2395

· Paris W.- Truck 2396

· Clarence G.- truck 2397

· Chris N.- truck 582

Easter Egg Winner

Congratulations to John F. and Clif S.! They found the hidden “Easter Egg” in the September newsletter and won TA gift cards. Occasionally you will find a line randomly hidden in a newsletter. If you let safety know, you could win a prize! Thanks to everyone who participated and be on the lookout for the next one!

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