October 2020 Newsletter

General Transport Inc.

Rut-Roh, It is Rutting Season!


General Transport Inc.

Rutting Season is coming up again. As always it is important to be vigilant to avoid and accident. Here are some tips to keep you and Bambi safe this season!

  • Slow Down– by reducing speed, you increase your ability to stop if a deer is in the road.

  • Heed Warning Signs– In rural areas where deer frequent, be on the lookout for deer crossing signs to be extra cautious.

  • Dawn and Dusk– High animal movement is high at dawn and dusk, while visibility is low. Be cautious driving at this time.

  • Use High Beams– If in a rural area with no oncoming traffic, use your high beams. They will allow you to spot a deer ahead of time giving more time to stop.

  • Look for Shine– Look for a reflection or something shiny that could be the “eye shine”.

Spot Light Driver-
Steve Emery

General Transport Inc.

Steve has been a company regional driver since January 2020 with General Transport.
In that time, Steve has run 100,530 safe miles.
Steve keeps a spotless record and a spotless truck, and is always in the top tier of the camera scores.
When Steve isn’t behind the wheel of a GT truck, you can find him enjoying his teal GMC pickup or taking care of his mother.

We are grateful to have you part of the GT family, Steve

General Transport Inc.

Steve H.– Truck 582

Ramon D.– Truck 2381

General Transport Inc.

You can now find General Transport on YouTube!
So far we have a few Zonar training videos up, but more will be coming. Make sure you subscribe to be alerted of our new posts. In the meantime, if you need any ELD refreshers- you know where to go!

General Transport Inc.

Just a reminder- If you have a camera in your truck, make sure you download the app to review your videos.
Contact Safety if you need help! 

General Transport Inc. New HOS Assistance

Are you confused with all of the new hours of service regulations?
We get it, and so does the DOT.
They have created an online portal to check your logs.
You can enter your actual log, or hypothetical logs to see if it is legal before you run the risk of a violation.

Click this link to see:

The ELD systems in the truck were supposed to update automatically with the new rules. If for any reason, yours did not update then please contact safety.

Driving at Night DangersGeneral Transport Inc.

Unfortunately, transportation doesn’t have a shift. Often times it can lead to you driving at night. Although the traffic will be lighter driving at night, it is important to be aware of the higher risks.

Fatigue- Your natural circadian rhythm (the sleep/wake cycle your body cycles through). In addition, fatigue can cause physical changes to your body. Being awake for 18 hours can cause impairment equal to having a BAC of .05. After 24 hours of being awake, the body will be equal to an impairment of a BAC of .10. “Tricks” to stay away such as smoking, rolling down windows, caffeine are not cures and should not be used as a replacement for good quality sleep.

Visibility– There is obviously less visibility at night and glare from the other headlights can make it worse.

Road Hazards– As mentioned before you have to be aware of animals at night, but also impaired drivers. 60% of impaired driving fatalities happen between 9 PM and 6 AM.

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