General Transport Inc.

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Full Service (3PL) Third Party Provider Since 1985. 
Our customized solutions, Powered by our Experienced Staff, Innovative Technology and Reliable Equipment provide you with the confidence you need to focus on your business, while we focus on your Transportation.

The Future OF tms

Our Day to Day Operations is powered by Shippers Edge. The fastest & easiest way to streamline your order entry.

Carrier Load Tender
Freight Details & Invoice
Bill of Lading
Delivery Manifest
Shipment Status Updates

contract negotiations

General Transport will handle all contract negotiations for your supply chain needs. We’ll ensure you are receiving the best fair market value on all your shipping needs.

Ensure Cost Savings on all Lane Rates
Ensure Certificates of Liability Insurance
Ensure Audit Freight Claims Processed
Ensure Track & Trace visibility


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Streamline your operations with our Warehousing options available as your industry leader in material management, and comprehensive transportation services.