Is it a Crime to Falsify my Logbook?

Often times, the thought comes up to
falsify your logs to get where you need to
be. The U.S. criminal code section 18
U.S.C. § 1001 says it’s a felony when any
individual “makes or uses any false
writing or document knowing the same to
contain any materially false, fictitious, or
fraudulent statement or entry.” This crime
is punishable by up to five years in
When a driver records personal
conveyance on his log while the vehicle
is actually being used in the service of a
carrier, it’s a felony. Intentionally
falsifying a vehicle inspection report, or
employment history on a commercial
driver employment application, is also a
Most states have provisions in their state
criminal or traffic codes that make it a
crime (usually a misdemeanor) to violate
an FMCSR. A misdemeanor is
punishable by up to 90 days’ confinement
and fine, the amount of which is set by
each state.

Before you decide to falsify your logs or
misuse PC, remember there could be
higher consequences then from safety.

General Transport

Newsletter - June 2021


• Marvin D.- Truck 2389

- Spotlight Driver -

 Aaron Drummer

Aaron has been an owner operator with General Transport since July 2019. In that time, he has driven 299,856 safe miles. Prior to becoming a driver, Aaron proudly served in the Navy. When he isn’t behind the wheel of his truck, he likes to go out and socialize. He is also extremely interested in stocks and can educate anyone who asks. We are proud to have you part of the GT Family!

Summer Driving Safety Tips

1. Water/Hydrate. Hydration is always important, but it is crucial in the hot summer months. Even with your AC comfortably set, we often overlook the humidity. In humid climates, the water can be drained from you and heat stroke or dehydration effects can often times sneak up on you. Make sure you have a supply of water with you at all times and make sure you are drinking it!

> 2. Sunscreen!. You would never go outside for 11+ hours without applying sunscreen, the same applies to when you are driving. Even with the windows up and the AC on, you are exposed to dangerous sun rays.

3. Invest in Good Eye Protection Having the right eye protection is essential in any job! Preventing glare and blocking out reflections assists with your ability to avoid hazards. Using sunglasses can increase your potential to become sleepy. To reduce this, using polarized sunglasses with high UV protection is recommended for any carrier that drives during daylight hours.

4. Thorough Pre-Trips
With raising temperatures, maintenance problems also increase. Note the conditions especially of your tires, brakes, and vehicle fluids. If you are reading this, let safety know to be entered to receive something special.

Tips to Improve Your MPG

An easy way to instantly put money into
your pocket is to increase your MPG.

Slow Down- Speed is one of the
biggest contributing factors to
poor MPG. For each 1 MPH you
drive over 55 MPH you will see a
0.1 decrease in your MPG.

Tires- When you put new tires on
your truck it takes them 35,000-
50,000 miles before they are
properly broken in. and can
give you 7% increase in fuel
economy. Having properly
inflated tires is also extremely
important. Not only will it help to
prevent possible blowouts, but for
every 10 psi that your tires are
underinflated you will see a 1%
reduction in your fuel economy.

Reduce your idling- For each
hour that you sit idling, you are
losing 1% in fuel efficiency.

Aerodynamics- Aerodynamics is
most important when you are
driving at speeds in excess of 50
MPH. Every 2% reduction in your
aerodynamic drag will result in a
1% increase in fuel economy

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