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Newsletter - May 2021

CVSA International Roadcheck

It is that time of year again! The Commericial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck Week is May 4-6th. This years’ focus is on hours of service and lighting.

On the vehicle, “lamps inoperable” (49 CFR §393.9) was the top violation, as it is most years. Last year, that issue accounted for 12% of vehicle violations.

As always, being prepared for an inspection is the best way to avoid violations.

• Proper Pre/Post trips daily
• Check paperwork- ensuring you have valid permits and all necessary paperwork
• Got a spare log book and ELD instructions?
• Be organized!

General Transport Inc.

Just a reminder, during these 3 days, GT will double the clean inspection bonus! If you receive an inspection with no violations discovered, you will get the double bonus no matter what level the inspection is.
Given our high values to always maintain DOT standards, we usually are not stopped during this time.

General Transport

Newsletter - May 2021


• Jordan C.- Truck 2388

- Spotlight Driver -

Tom Bleasby

Tom has been an owner operator with General Transport since March 2013. In that time, Tom has logged 1,069,724 miles!
He is well known for upgrading trucks and currently has a beautiful blue Kenworth W900.
When Tom isn’t behind the wheel, he is usually tinkering on his truck, playing with his dogs, or spending time with his family. We are proud to have you part of the GT Family!

Construction Zone Driving

With orange cone season back, it is important to make sure you stay diligent and avoid a terrible collision.
There were 842 work zone fatalities in 2019 (the most recent year of data available) and 757 work zone fatalities in 2018, according to Federal Highway Administration data — an 11.2% increase.

Read the signs. Work zone signs tell you changes in the normal traffic pattern are ahead. Pay attention. FHWA says driver distraction is a factor in 30% of fatal truck-involved work zone crashes.

Keep your distance. Leave enough space between your truck and the vehicle ahead of you. Keep your eyes on the taillights ahead, but also keep a high visual horizon, meaning look well ahead of you for stopping traffic and traffic pattern changes. Be prepared to slow down or stop unexpectedly.

Obey the reduced speed limit sign. Stopping is easier when you are traveling at or below the recommended work zone speed limit.

Be patient. Highways require maintenance. Take your time.

Merge safely and early. When lane changes are required, move into the open lane at your earliest, safe opportunity. But watch your “blind spots,” as other vehicles may speed up to get in front of you.

Watch out for workers. A highway work zone means workers and their machinery may enter your traffic lane. Also be on the lookout for “flaggers” on the roadways.

Be Mindful of Spring Animals

With the weather changing, the animal patterns also change. Although we often think of looking for deer in the fall, they are also a hazard in the Spring. In the Spring, the female deer will leave the group to give birth and in search of green grass.
Always proceed with caution especially on back roads. It is especially important to be alert when driving after night since it is difficult to see deer lurking on the side of the highway.
If a deer does jump out in front of your truck, begin braking and maintain your lane. Often times deer will proceed to cross once you see them and you can potentially still hit them or cause an accident with another vehicle.

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